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The UBCM Executive held its first, quarterly board meeting on November 15-16, 2018. Seven committees met to set priorities and work plans for the coming year. Executive members adopted goals and priorities, held an orientation session, and confirmed direction for filling vacancies on the Executive following the 2018 local government elections.

Highlights of the November 16th Executive meeting include:

  • approved direction to seek eligible candidates to fill the three vacancies on the UBCM Executive as a result of local government elections. A notice was circulated to members on November 19th requesting expressions of interest from eligible elected officials to fill two Director at Large positions and one Vancouver Metro Area Representative position.
  • welcomed new Executive member, Councillor Pete Fry, City of Vancouver.
  • announced that Councillor Brian Frenkel has moved to 2nd VP to fill the vacancy, as per UBCM bylaws, leaving 3rd VP vacant for the year.  President Singh advised that Chair Rob Gay has been appointed to serve on the Presidents Committee for the coming year.
  • announced and approved various UBCM Committee and external committee appointments. As a result of the 2018 local government elections, the Executive will need to fill a number of vacancies to a variety of external committees and working groups. UBCM will be reaching out to the membership, through the Compass, to seek appointments to fill many of these vacancies.
  • received a report from the President on his activities since the 2018 UBCM Convention.
  • approved conveyance of endorsed 2018 resolutions:
    • 150 sent to the Province;
    • 27 sent to the federal government;
    • 8 sent to FCM; and
    • 12 sent to other organizations.
  • delegates referred two endorsed resolutions to the Executive requesting UBCM action. The resolutions have now been referred to specific UBCM Committees as part of their advocacy efforts. An additional six resolutions have been sent to Committees for action.
  • received a report on provincial funding announcements made at the 2018 Convention: child care funding; Community Resiliency Investment Program; and another phase of Age-Friendly Communities funding.  Minister Robinson announced the new Community, Culture and Recreation Program; the Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Program; and the Development Approvals Process Review.
  • received an update on the housing file highlighting advocacy and engagement with the Province as well as recent provincial actions including preliminary steps towards a Development Approvals Process Review, the introduction of a Poverty Reduction Strategy Act, the capping of rent increases, and the launch of a two-part probe into dirty money in real estate.
  • approved a request from Islands Trust to assist in funding its legal appeal.
  • received an update on UBCM’s involvement in the FCM International Program and specifically UBCM’s work with the National League of Communities in Cambodia.
  • received an update on the activities of the Fire Safety Act working group in an effort to advance the membership direction through endorsement of SR3 – Fire Safety Act at the 2018 UBCM Convention.
  • received a report on new and amended legislation and policy put forward by the Province in the current House sitting.
  • received an update on implementation of new cannabis legalization legislation.
  • received an update on the activities underway by the Working Group on Responsible Conduct.
  • received a status and action report on a variety of policy areas that continue to be monitored by UBCM including:  Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations; Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels; New RCMP Labour Relations Regime; Legalization of Cannabis; Electronic Roadside Ticketing; Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Program; Employer Health Tax; Auditor General for Local Government; The Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act; Federal Additions to Reserve Policy; Federal Comprehensive Land Claims Policy; BC Ferries; National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls; Licensing of Commercial Dog & Cat Breeding; Auxiliary Program; 911 Call Answer Levy; Assessment Appeals - special use properties; and Revitalization of the ALR.
  • received the financial report for the period ending September 30, 2018.
  • received reports on Victoria Operations including status of the Gas Tax Funding Program as well as various Local Government Program Services.
  • received a report on staff activities including numerous post-Convention responsibilities.
  • received a delegation from the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Honourable Selina Robinson and discussed:  2018 UBCM Convention; Local Elections Financing Act; Fire Safety Act; Clean Growth Strategy; and Housing Update and Development Approvals Process Review.
  • confirmed upcoming conferences for 2019 including:  Local Government Leadership Academy (LGLA) Newly Elected Officials Seminars (Jan-Feb); CAO-CEO Forum – March 26-27; Group Benefits Conference – Fall 2019; Asset Management BC Conference – Fall 2019.

Highlights of the November 15th Committee meetings include:


Committee members confirmed the Terms of Reference; allocated Vice Presidents to specific duties; received updates on staffing, financial statements, member services and group benefits programs, and the UBCM-FCM Small Communities Travel Fund. Reports were considered on:  intergovernmental relations; 2019 Advocacy Days program; UBCM Investment Policy; and UBCM’s Community Excellence Awards Program. Members agreed to make minor amendments to UBCM’s Convention Code of Conduct for 2019 to ensure a more streamlined and transparent process. A number of UBCM appointments to external committees were considered and recommendations were brought forward to the full Executive.

Community Economic Development Committee

Upon renewing the Terms of Reference, the Committee reviewed the work plan for the coming year that included broad goals to support economic development opportunities. The Committee indicated a desire to focus on broader economic development goals related to tourism, specifically:  enhancing tourism opportunities for all regions of the Province; energy issues, including a focus on conservation, efficiency and climate change; and undertaking research to identify the GDP impact of the various economic development drivers such as forests, tourism, agriculture and oil and gas. Committee members also received information from the BC Utilities Commission on Thermal Energy Systems, and from Western Economic Diversification on development of a Western Canada Growth Strategy as well as updates on existing resource sector policy files.

Community Safety

The Community Safety Committee reviewed its priorities for the upcoming year, including a focus on issues related to cannabis legalization and policing, and liquor policy, among other issues. Members received reports regarding the Province’s initiative to introduce a province-wide call answer levy on cellular devices; changes to the RCMP Auxiliary Program; the development of a national Public Safety Broadband Network; changes to liquor policy; traffic fine revenue sharing with local governments; a provincial action plan outlining progress related to recommendations from the recent independent review on wildfire and flooding; and community safety grant programs administered by UBCM.

Health and Social Development Committee

The Health and Social Development Committee approved its Terms of Reference and work plan for the coming year. The Committee will continue to focus on health promotion and chronic disease prevention activities; monitor the implementation of universal child care in BC; follow the implementation of legislation on poverty reduction; address member concerns around Regional Hospital Districts; and monitor the introduction of new primary and urgent care facilities in BC. Reports were also received on the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Communities initiative, and on Local Government Program Services grants.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee reviewed and approved its Terms of Reference, work plan and priorities for 2018/2019 that include continuing to work with the Province on its climate change strategy; providing input into the spill preparedness and response regime; monitoring the implementation of legislation on environmental assessments; providing feedback on the development of the Species at Risk Charter and species at risk legislation; calling for a funded brownfields strategy; and informing the development of policy and regulations for implementing the proposed Professional Governance Act. The Committee will also generate a report on options for a contaminated sites contingency fund.

Indigenous Relations

The Indigenous Relations Committee reviewed and approved its Terms of Reference and priorities for 2018/2019 that include continuing to conduct reconciliation and relationship-building activities; looking for opportunities to engage on urban Indigenous issues; implementing an MOU on engagement with the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation; and continuing to monitor a number of key files including the Province’s work towards implementing UNDRIP and the federal government’s development of a Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework for Indigenous Peoples. Reports were also received on the Regional Community to Community funding program, and updates from the UBCM Convention.


The Committee received reports regarding several aspects of the 2018 Convention and also reviewed the Delegate Evaluation ratings and comments. Some details of the 2018 Convention Review:

  • the 2018 Convention was attended by 1,876 people, compared to 2,194 last year in Vancouver;
  • media coverage of the 2018 Convention was strong and included approximately 1,000 broadcast, online and print news stories in the month prior to the Convention; and
  • child-minding services were offered to attendees for the second year and received great reviews.

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